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Coach Sonia Kararha (PCC-ICF)
Founder & CEO: ReVeRa Learning & Solutions Inc.

Leadership & Executive Coach, ICF Mentor and  Corporate Trainer.

Sonia Kararha is a Leadership & Executive Coach, ICF Mentor and Corporate Trainer. She is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC-ICF) with 1000+ hours of coaching experience . She  holds 18+ Years of enriched and diversified experience in the Industry . While working with top Indian Automotive OEMs , Sonia has gathered deep understanding of corporate culture and the challenges across levels .This vast and 360° corporate experience has been smoothly blended in her coaching, mentoring and other learning & development programs which addresses the management issues , bottom –line issues , and provides effective and integrated solutions to the organizations.
Through her coaching & mentoring  expertise, she supports leaders and organisations to develop vision and leadership pipeline by empowering them with self- driven initiatives . She adopts a unique style of coaching to help individuals to instil permanent positive change in self and for the organisation.
She has high inclination towards women diversity and inclusion where she works with organisations towards developing women workforce through mentoring  in building and sustaining the diversity.
She is associated as a Mentor with Girl Up Program ,a United Nations Foundation Organization initiative where she mentors young student girls across Colleges and Fields.
She facilitates businesses growth through her training & consultancy solutions and helps in deployment of transformation projects while guiding the cross functional teams for achieving the target-oriented goals.

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